Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Are You Serious? Kenya: Obama Urges Cooperation With ICC Probe

15 December 2010

Nairobi — US President Barack Obama has called on Kenyan to cooperate with the International Criminal Court investigation into the post election violence.
"I urge all of Kenya's leaders, and the people whom they serve, to cooperate fully with the ICC investigation and remain focused on implementation of the reform agenda and the future of your nation," he said in a statement Wednesday.

President Obama said that those found culpable should not drag their community into their woes.
Nation A scene from the violence which swept areas of Kenya after the last election.
Contributions to the ICC's budget, 2008
Contributions to the ICC's budget. 2008
"Those found responsible will be held accountable for their crimes as individuals. No community should be singled out for shame or held collectively responsible," he said.
He said Kenya "is turning a page in its history, moving away from impunity and divisionism toward an era of accountability and equal opportunity".

"The path ahead is not easy, but I believe that the Kenyan people have the courage and resolve to reject those who would drag the country back into the past and rob Kenyans of the singular opportunity that is before them to realize the country's vast potential," he said. 
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