Monday, December 20, 2010

Ase. Ogun O! Protect Mama Africa!

Zimbabwe: Bizarre Warthog Incident Delays U.S. Ambassador
19 December 2010
Warthog mum

A BIZARRE accident involving warthogs delayed the arrival of US Ambassador to Harare according to a WikiLeaks cable.  Ambassador Charles Ray failed to arrive in Zimbabwe on November 3 2009 after the wild animals strayed onto the runway where they were struck by an Air Zimbabwe plane.  Security officials forced passengers to surrender any photographic evidence of the crash before they were allowed to leave.

All night flights on that day, including Ray's South African Airways flight were cancelled.  However, the warthogs saved the day for Getrude Hambira, the Secretary General of the General Agriculture Plantation Workers Union.

The unionist was supposed to arrive on the day flights were cancelled.

According to the cable, that night a team armed in masks broke into her home, put a gun to her husband's head and demanded to know where she was. Hambira then went into hiding.  View the original article here

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