Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cameroon: Back To The Roots For Over 40 Cameroonian Americans

Christopher Jator
27 December 2010

 S-based ARK Jammers Connection - a mission-driven organization dedicated to spreading kindness and promoting intercultural dialogue through the unifying power of music - will be touring some areas of Cameroon.  A delegation of 54 African Americans, most Cameroon Americans (over 40), whose ancestry was traced back to Cameroon with the support of the American DNA company, African Ancestry, will received a gesture of kindness as they will be taken to Douala-Bimbia-Foumban-Bafoussam-Bandjoun-Bafia-Yaounde-Kribi-Douala beginning December 27, 2010 to January 5, 2011.

  This falls within a special programme, code named "Ancestry Reconnection Programme for Cameroon" for the invited African Americans who have traced their ancestry to Cameroon. With the support of the American DNA company and jointly with the Cameroonian government, the ARK Jammers will host an unforgettable set of programmes and events including visits and traditional ceremonies showcasing the geographical, ethnic, historical, and cultural diversity of the country that our guests' ancestors came from.

It was said during a news conference at the Douala Sawa Hotel on Monday, December 27, that an explosive ARK Jammers musical jam will be organized in Yaounde, featuring Manu Dibango, Noel Ekwabi, Jay Lou Ava, Etienne Mbappe, Donny Elwood, Eko Roosvelt, Vicky Edimo, Elvis kemayou, Ekambi Brillant, Georges Seba, X-Maleya and many young talented musicians. According the President of ARK Jammers, France-based Cameroonian Avline Ava, the show will also include an ARK Jammers "Inspirational Cameroonian" award ceremony to honour some Cameroonians whose actions are shining examples of citizen service.

Addressing the news conference, US-based Cameroonian Eric Chinje, co-founder of the initiative, disclosed that the ARK Jammers connection was created in the belief that every small act of kindness is an important building block in the edifice of a more perfect national society. "Active Participation", he went on, "is an initiative by the ARK Jammers to practice and promote acts of kindness in Cameroon by embracing a new spirit of service and citizen responsibility." The ARK Jammers Connection is a mission-driven organization gathering artists and music lovers from different cultures and from all walks of life, who are dedicated to spreading kindness and promoting intercultural dialogue through the unifying power of music. It believes that kindness and intercultural dialogue as the most powerful keys to love, respect, mutual understanding among people, and peace among nations.

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