Thursday, December 9, 2010

Danny Glover's call to Reverse africom.

Ajua Martey

December 09, 2010
Atlanta, Ga    Even though the interview and article is dated back in 2007, Danny Glover and Nicole Lee of TransAfrica Forum in Washington, DC.  The issue that Danny and Nicole need everyone to understand back then and now, is that africom is a covert united states African military command with the goals and intentions from their forefathers of colonialism back during the kidnapping, trade, and enslavement of African people to the world diaspora.

Africa is in a vunerable position to submit to the power and might of the united states will of neo colonialism on the continent of Africa.  We cannot let this happen again.  Our ancestors call for us to stand up and seek retribution and complete a very big circle...
I have pasted the article for everyone to read and muse with.
I have included a youtube video of the interview with Danny and Nicole, and Amy Goodman with Democracy Now! Discussing africom and the effects against the citizens of the united states, particularly African-americans.

Peaceful Journey.


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