Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kenya: Spokesman Alleges U.S. Plot 'To Topple Coalition'

30 November 2010

Nairobi — Government Spokesman Alfred Mutua on Tuesday fell short of directly accusing the US Government of funding a campaign to cause unrest in the country.
He claimed that the "foreign powers" behind a plot to topple the government had channelled more than $20 million (Sh1.6 billion) to youth groups over the last few months.

"The government is concerned over foreign attempts to create despondency against it in the guise of youth empowerment," he said.

"The government is aware that a lot of money has been allocated to fund the youth to cause an uprising against our country in an attempt to install a new leadership structure," he went on.
He added that the government was monitoring the issue "keenly" and will not allow "outsiders" to ruin peace and stability in the country.

Sources said the government was concerned that the "unaccountable funds" could be used for any purpose against the government.

Dr Mutua declined to confirm or deny whether the "foreign powers" he was referring to was the US government, which has been funding a number of programmes, mainly on governance, reforms and youth empowerment through its aid arm, the Usaid.

He also declined to state whether the foreign powers wanted to oust the country's leadership through democratic or undemocratic means.

On its official website, Usaid confirms that it is actively involved in programmes that help in advancing good governance and citizen participation in Kenya.

"Following the violence after the 2007 elections, a new democratic transition including a new Constitution has made improved governance a top priority for Usaid, since future peace and stability depend on it," the aid agency notes on the website.

Dr Mutua said it would be premature to react to the released WikiLeaks reports until they are made public.

"Genuine friends should not tell you everything is okay on one hand and on the other hand say the opposite or initiate programmes against you," he noted while also insisting that the ties between Kenya and US remain cordial.  View the original article here

Source:  Daily Nation

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